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Wloom - WebGl game, work in progress #5

WebGl game Wloom version 0.5 is here.

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(Chrome 9+, Firefox 4+)

  • Latest version of GLGE library and a new feature of it, shadows on direction lights, is used. The issue of previous Wloom version, where shadows didnt work with Firefox 4, is resolved.
  • The Wloom demo this time is basically a complete game, where you can win or loose, with UI. The game logic is pacman-like: You have to collect gems, but must avoid monsters. This time isoperspective is used. Game logic and ai is loaded dynamically from an own script file. As result Wloom represents a flexible base for various kind of games. The UI is done via CSS and also completely from external scripts.
  • A new rendering mode 'Magic3d' is added. With it the scene is drawn twice, side by side, with camera offset. Now, if you cross the eyes, scenes should appear in 3d. All in all there are now 3 rendering modes: Glge, Simple and Magic3d.


Anonym hat gesagt…

The glge mode is quite slow here...

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Yeah, I must try to optimize it.

Sidasa hat gesagt…

very nice!

more randomize level would be cool!

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Thanks! Randomized levels is a great idea, will try to implement it.

Chrelad hat gesagt…

This is the coolest ever! *Love* the sound effects :D Is that you whistling for the gem sound effect? Great job and keep up the mint work

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Yea the wistle is my humble voice :) Thanks for the comment, next Wloom version is in the works. :)