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Wloom - WebGl game, work in progress #2

There is some progress with the webgl game 'Wloom'. Current state of the project can be seen in the video or as running demo here (needs Chrome 9+, Firefox 4+). Following features have been added since the last blogpost:
  • Dynamic camera (e.g. in small rooms camera moves closer, so that the view is not clipped)
  • Map and model data are loaded from external files. Its format is javascript, they are loaded with dynamically added script tags.
  • Html audio. Currently it sounds on my pc with chrome 9 abit buggy (it seems some samples are not played and chrome crashes after some time). With Firefox 4 beta 6 sound works better here.
  • Npc scripting with javascript. Since core game and npc scripts are written in the same language, javascript, integration is straightforward and simple. The code can be stored in map- or model-files.
Soon there will be updates on the project. Map(s) and gameplay shall be improved. :)


Andrei M. Eichler hat gesagt…

Excellent work on this new version.
Audio tag is bit buggy on Chromium indeed, only worked for the moving tripod monster, on Firefox 4 the audio works flawlessly.
Nice animation of the character, specially when walking sideways.
Almost no difference on FPS, about 2~5 on my PC, reaching about 50 FPS.
I think the camera is too sensitive to mouse movement, but i guess it is just matter of taste
Sometimes when pointing the camera below the character, it goes beneath the ground.
I still can throw the character away of the field =P

pl4n3 hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comment! Yea currently the character can fall through some spots in the map.. this fill be fixed in upcoming versions. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Great work!

Joss Crowcroft hat gesagt…

Das is wirklich fantastisch!

Ich wuerde bestimmt etwas mit Web GL bald machen!

Dude, I love it. Reminds me of my teenage days creating 3D shoot-em-up games in BASIC... those were the days.

PS. Apologies for my dodgy German, it's been a while. Keep up the good work!