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A lazy defensive terran strategy for Starcraft2

In this blogpost I describe, how I play Terran in Starcraft2 Multiplayer. The strategy is defensive, this way I try to avoid micromanagement, which I'm too slow for. When I last looked, my average APM (action per minute) was about 20. Battlecruisers play a big role, but also infantry. At first I summarize the strategy, then I describe some detail aspects.

  • Beginning build order: Scv, Scv, Supply depot, Scv, Barracks, Scv, Barracks, then Marines
  • Built up infantry (about 10 marines, 8 marauders) as defense. Make the infantry short-key 2. Besides constantly make Scv, Supply depots as needed, 2 Turrets around the Command center. Dont build too much Turrets, since fleet should do anti-air tasks soon.
  • Build Planetary fortress, a Starport, start building a fleet (a raven and some vikings) and make it shortcut 1.
  • Build a 2nd Command center, together with each base build 2 Turrets, 2 Refineries, and later Planetary fortress. Build up fleet (vikings, maybe few banshees, battlecruisers), level up fleet to the max (with 2 armories) Build about 5 Starports.
  • Build maybe 2 more expansions or more. Probably meet enemy, attack with fleet and infantry (key 1 and 2). If you have battlecruisers, attack as much with yamato cannon as possible, (this is almost the only micromanagement needed). If fleet is crushed, rebuild quick.
  • Hopefully defeat enemy.

Detail aspects:
  • Often the enemy attacks early, then try to have a good infantry built up, keep infantry and fleet near the Turrets and Planetary fortress, so that they defend together, and very important: make some Scv's repair Planetary fortress during attack.
  • Thors: In the beginning I tried to attack with Thors. But they couldnt move everywhere like air units can, so I dont use them.
  • Make sure you have detectors. 2 Turrets for each base and Raven in the fleet.
  • Bunkers: In my first games my intial defense was too weak. First I tried to put the Marines into Bunkers, now I just build Marines more quickly with 2 Barracks and dont use bunkers.
  • Once I attacked enemy with medium fleet, made some damage but lost fleet, couldnt rebuild quick, lost game. Thus, attack only with maximum unit count and max upgraded. Make sure there are enough Starports and resources for quick fleet rebuild.
  • Sensor towers: I am not sure, if they are good. For the first base I usually build one. You see sooner, when the enemy attacks, and have more time to position fleet and infantry for the battle. On the other side from the towers the enemy knows your positions and might attack earlier.
  • Only build banshees in the beginning or when you have few resources, otherwise build Battlecruisers for ground and air defense.

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