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CanvasCraft - towards a web RTS game (²)

A previous blogpost is also transcribed with 'towards a web RTS game'. There I focussed on webgl graphics. This time the focus is the game core engine, thus here graphics are very simple, units are drawn as circles using canvas. Conceptually, once the game core engine is finished, one could combine both approaches and get a game demo with improved gameplay and graphics.

In this demo units can be selected via mouseclick, by mouse-dragging a rectangle around some, or via numeric keys (e.g. shift-1 constitutes a group of previous selected units, key 1 then selects this group). Selected units can be moved by rightclicking on the ground or on another unit. By pressing key P the game pauses.

There are units of 2 different parties (blue-you/orange-computer). If units of different parties approach they will fight each other. There are 2 unit-types: slow ranged and fast melee. The game is over, if all units of a party are gone. The filesize of the javascript code is ~12kB.

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